23 maio


Due to regulators of some electric motors, it may be necessary to carry out several starts in a relatively short time, preventing the motor from cooling down properly. It should be noted that it is always important to note that a very long start should be avoided, which may occur if the motor torque is slightly higher than the torque converter, the current overcurrent is absorbed, while the rated speed is not reached.

This can increase the engine temperature dangerously and in the same way, counter-current braking, that is, by inverting the motor, can represent the cost equivalent to three starts.

Regardless of external factors, it is very important to ensure that the starter torque is sufficient, and is made by choosing a suitable motor, or by verifying further that the power line has characteristics necessary to limit the voltage drop at the start; or by keeping the load coupled to the motor under correct operating conditions so that it does not exhibit an abnormal resistant torque.

In the case of an industrial process requiring frequent starts, this characteristic must be anticipated in the design of the equipment, and the engine will be adapted to work in this way.