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How to know which is the right time to change your mobile phone

Today there are many handsets available in the market and with each release, more features are released. After a while of use, it is common to see that the cell is no longer the same as at the beginning. And at some point, need to be replaced. To find out what is really the right time to replace a device should be observed some details about the performance and use.


In general, a cell lasts about 2 years, but even this time can vary according to the employed or not care. If there are many scratches, falls, non-original accessories and presence of many viruses can “shorten” the life of your phone.

If all this is to combine the constant crashes and slow to access and loading of data the situation is even more aggravated. It is important to note the battery life time, if it starts to unload quickly is a sign that the cell phone is bad. On the other hand, if the version of the template begins to become obsolete is worse, just before switch without the possibility that it is servicing.