28 jun

Influences of the Environment

The environment in which the thermographic inspection of the transformer is performed plays an important role in the results achieved. The environmental conditions that influence the results of the inspection are as follows:

– The atmosphere by emitting, absorbing and scattering radiation;

– radiation emitted by the sun;

– solar radiation influences objects close to the object under analysis;

– room temperature;

– the relative humidity of the air.

However, another factor limiting thermographic inspection is the thermography inspector himself, since the interpretation of the results may vary with training, with the motivation and even with his visual ability. Therefore the need for those in charge of maintenance are trained, trained people with adequate tools.

Another important aspect that influences the performance of the transformer is the transport of equipment that may be subject to excessive vibrations due to the precariousness of the highways or even falls or leaps in the loading and unloading operations, for example. And, these situations, not always, are re-evaluated before the equipment is in operation.