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Machines with Composite Machines

The subtractive composite machine has the magnetic flux of the branch field, which will be deduced from the magnetic flux of the series field, resulting in a motor with predominant features of the parallel motor, ie with a good speed control but with a torque small, relative to the cumulative configuration.

The additive composite machines are a magnetic flux of the branch field that must be added with the magnetic field series flow, consequently resulting in an electric motor with properties and specifications predominant of the series motor, that is, with much higher torque, however , with a lower speed control.

The field windings are intensified in series with components such as armature and in parallel, achieving a specific type of machine with the specifications of the series and parallel motor, ie a good speed and torque control.     mrosupply

Thus, velocity and load characteristics are likely to be altered, if the two fields are properly connected, so that they are added or opposed, composing two different types of composite machines.