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Relay Device

Relays feature an effective digital electronics, which allows high accuracy, repeatability and immunity to different types of noise that may occur. Designed according to international standards, reles allow a compact and safe solution in boxes with reduced dimensions for rail mounting.

On the other hand, the relay timers are treated in electronic devices that, due to the set times, cause an output signal according to its specific function. They are widely used in automation of machines and industrial applications, such as starters of electric motors, control panels, industrial furnaces and injectors, among others.

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Relays can be adjusted on average between three seconds and thirty minutes with high precision. Varying according to the type of actuation, they can even get a delay in the energization, which basically refers to the operation of their keys in a period after their connection, returning them to rest after their shutdown or de-energization.

The deenergizing delay acts with the keys at the time of activation, so the keys should only return to sleep after deactivation. The button used to select the delay time is installed on the relay panel.