10 jul

Room temperature

Engines operating at temperatures below 20ºC may present some problems, such as excessive condensation, requiring additional drainage or installation of heating resistance, in case the electric motor stays long periods stopped; Ice formation in the bearings if they are in environments with temperatures below 0ºC, thus hardening the greases or lubricants of the bearings, requiring the use of special lubricants or antifreeze grease, as must be specified in the installation and maintenance manual of the respective engine.

steel enclosure transformers

In the case of motors that need to operate in high heat ambient temperatures above 40 ° C, it is possible that the winding reaches temperatures considered to be harmful to the insulation and may cause damages. This factor must be compensated by a special design of the motor, using special insulating material of higher class, or by the reduction of the nominal power of the motor.

If the effects of possible temperature variations that occur, as well as altitude, are associated, the total power loss capacity of the motor can be analyzed by multiplying the useful power or the rated power to 40 ° C and 1000m.