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Starter Switch in Electric Motors

The biggest disadvantage of three-phase electric motors is at the moment of starting, because they have high initial current. Tools have been created to reduce this current, its cost and energy consumption. Starters are intended for the operation and protection of three-phase and single-phase electric motors

In electric motors hose reels reelcraft the starters are responsible for the drive and is done safely and to ensure energy savings. The simplest way to connect an electric motor is with the direct start, in it the motor is connected directly to the network and will only present some disadvantage in high power.

The soft-starter starters and the frequency inverter present results with lower current peaks when compared to keys with electromagnetic components. Another advantage is the ease of installation and the need for less physical space, with adjustable torque at start.

In the connection of the electric motors we protect the voltage input, and because of this will not be necessary much manipulation and maintenance of the machine and therefore the key of start was created. They were created as direct starting, reversing, inverting, star-delta, compensator and soft-starter switches.