28 mar

The Induction Machines

Electric induction motors may vary, having three, six, nine or twelve outer terminals. In the case of the six-terminal motor are found two types of connection, the triangle with the nominal winding of the phase winding equal to 220 V and the star with a star-connected winding the line voltage can be up to three times the winding voltage .

In order to prevent high starting currents, there are several ways to carry out the electric machine drives that allow a drop in the starting current value of some machines, such as the parallel-series start, the sine-star start and the star-delta start .     reelcraft 83050 OMP

A characteristic of the induction motor that must be remembered is its nameplate, which has extremely important information such as CV, which is the mechanical power of the motor in cv and refers to the power that the motor offers, within its attributions nominal. Already Ip / In is the relationship between the starting and nominal currents. Hz is the frequency of the motor operating voltage. The acronym RPM cites the motor speed at the rated operating frequency.